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Our Story

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Our Place

Welcome to Oak City Pizza, the humble pizza joint located in the heart of Oak City. Our story begins with a passion for perfecting the art of pizza-making, passed down from generation to generation.

The journey started with a simple idea – to create the perfect pizza. Countless hours were spent experimenting with different dough recipes, sauce blends, and toppings until the perfect combination was discovered. The result was a unique flavor that captured the hearts and taste buds of the community.

As the word spread, Oak City Pizza became a local favorite. The family-run business was known for its exceptional customer service, delicious pizza, and warm atmosphere. Our team is dedicated to delivering a high-quality experience to every customer that walks through our doors.

With the growth of the community, Oak City Pizza expanded its reach and opened its doors to the world. Our online ordering system now allows customers to enjoy our delicious pizza from the comfort of their homes. We offer a range of options to suit every taste, including vegetarian and gluten-free options.

At Oak City Pizza, we understand that pizza is more than just a meal – it's an experience. That's why we take pride in every aspect of our business, from the quality of our ingredients to the care we put into every pizza we make.

We believe that the secret to our success is our commitment to humility and passion for pizza-making. It's not about being the biggest or the fanciest pizza joint in town – it's about delivering a high-quality experience to every customer that walks through our doors.

Come and experience the Oak City Pizza difference today. We can't wait to serve you.

The Experience

The Experience

At Oak City Pizza, we believe that wood-fired pizza is the only way to truly capture the unique flavors and aromas that make pizza a beloved dish around the world. That's why we use a traditional wood-fired oven to cook all of our pizzas.

Our wood-fired oven is made of high-quality bricks and has been carefully designed to ensure that the heat is distributed evenly throughout the pizza. The wood-fired oven also imparts a unique smoky flavor to the pizza that you just can't get with a regular oven.

The wood-fired oven is the heart of our pizza-making process, and we take great care to ensure that it's always operating at peak performance. We use only the highest quality wood to fuel the oven, and our skilled chefs monitor the temperature constantly to ensure that each pizza is cooked to perfection.

Our wood-fired pizzas are made using only the freshest ingredients, including handcrafted dough made from scratch, homemade sauce, and locally sourced toppings. Whether you're in the mood for a classic Margherita pizza or something a little more adventurous, we have a pizza that will satisfy your cravings.

At Oak City Pizza, we believe that wood-fired pizza is more than just a meal – it's a culinary experience. We invite you to come and experience the unique flavors and aromas of our wood-fired pizzas for yourself. We're sure that once you taste our delicious pizzas, you'll never want to go back to regular pizza again.